Quick tip; hey my office apps are still not MAM enabled in Intune and ConfigMgr

Console extendedCurrently more and more applications in the Apple and Google Play stores become manageable via Microsoft Intune.

For instance, when you have the Microsoft Office mobile apps available in Microsoft Intune for a while you may want to use the Mobile Application Management policies to control what the users are able to do with the corporate data in the apps. Currently, if you do nothing the app currently stay unmanaged.

So let’s see what you can do in both Intune and Configuration Manager.

Microsoft Intune

So the deeplink apps are not updated automatically, as you see below the Outlook app shown below was yesterday not displayed as manageable.

Supports App Policy = No

The only way to use the manageable Outlook app is adding a new application to the Microsoft Intune Admin Portal. As you see below the app has the same URL in the store and is the same app.

Supports App Policy = YES :)
Supports App Policy = YES 🙂

When deploying the application, you will also have the option to select the Mobile Application Management Policies.

Configuration Manager

Since SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 we are able to also manage mobile apps with the Mobile Application Policies. Also already added deployment types that are a deeplink to the iOS or Google Play store are not automatically updated. To get your app manageable is done in a different and more user-friendly way.

When looking at the deployment of in this case Microsoft Word, you see no Application Management tab which allows you to assign the MAM policies.

No Application Management tab is available
No Application Management tab is available

To enable management you need to go to the Deployment Type of the app and switch to the Content Tab. Here you find the URL to the location of the App in the store.

Change the URL
Change the URL

After selecting OK or Apply you will receive a dialog with the following message. “The Deployment type you are creating must be associated with an application management policy.”

Notice that you need to change deployment
Notice that you need to change deployment

Next you need to go back to the Deployment and you will be able to set the right application management policy.

Select the right application management policy
Select the right application management policy

Check here the latest MAM enabled applications in the store.


  1. Hi Peter
    Currently I have setup office apps from playstore on my intune portal and assisgned them a MAM policy. If the apps are installed on the device using the company portal then the apps works as per the MAM policy. But I have office apps on some devices which are not enrolled and people can directly access sharepoint and exchange data without policy restrictions. I am not sure if it is designed in such a way or I am missing something.

    1. I think you need to look at your compliance policy for SharePoint. If I am correct the web access is also conditional available.. I would look there!

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