New features coming up to Intune soon.

Besides the good news released at the Citrix Synergy event, Microsoft and Citrix working together in the EMS workspace, the monthly updates for Microsoft Intune are scheduled to be applied soon. This month a lot of new features are being released. Let’s have a quick look at what is coming up!

As from the upcoming update we are able to configure the length of the PIN that can be used to open the app container. Currently the App SDK only supports 4 digits as the PIN. This way you can align the pin length to the security requirements of your company.

App updates:

The Skype For Business and all office apps are enabled to support the full MAM without enrollment for both Android and iOS. If you want to “play” with this, use the new portal at http:/

Only iOS 8.0 and later supported

Besides changes to the company portals and remove assistance for Windows PCs (managed via Intune client) via the TeamViewer integration. The most important is that in the upcoming months support for devices older than iOS 8 will be deprecated. In the upcoming months new users will not be able to enroll their device via the Company Portal anymore. Be sure to inform your users if their devices are not yet updated to at least iOS version 8.0, otherwise access to company resources will automatically blocked.

See the complete list of updates for Intune Standalone here.

See the complete list of updates for Hybrid environments here.


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