Couple of more Windows 10 related updates in Intune

jan-win10-updates-00Next to smart lock support for Android, another update that came with the new Microsoft Intune release of January is Health Attestation Reports and the ability to check compliance based on the Health Attestation.

The compliance part I could not find yet but the reports are already there and usable to get a view if your Windows 10 devices are healthy or not.

Also the ability to fully wipe (factory reset) a Windows 10 device is new. Let’s have a look!

A report can be build by going in the Intune Admin Portal to Reports > Health Attestation Reports.

Building the report
Building the report

Processing the report result in the following report;

The report


The information listed below is in the report;

Device name Tim_WindowsPhone_12/30/2015_6:22 PM
Device OS Unknown
BitLocker Yes
Code Integrity Yes
Early Launch Antimalware No
Boot Debugging No
Attestation Identity Key (AIK) Yes
Secure Boot Yes
Data Execution Prevention Policy 3
Health Certificate Issued 1/27/2016 13:40
Kernel Debugging No
PCR Value 0Bxxxxx
Reset Count 0
Restart Count 1237542219
Safe Mode No
Test Signing No
Virtual Secure Mode (VSM) No
WinPE Environment No
Boot Manager Version 0
Code Integrity Check Version 0

Update 5/Feb/2016: Next to the reporting, a compliance rule is added to the Compliance Policy in Intune. This way you are able to force that only healthy Windows 10 devices are allowed to connect to company resources.

Compliance Setting exposed

Also new for Windows 10 support is the ability to completely wipe the device and let it return to the factory default settings.

Wipe the device!
Wipe the device!

After the Wipe command the device is rebooted and reset to the factory default like shown below.

Wipe command is send
Wipe command is send
Preparing the reset
Resetting the device


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