Error 0x8033810F while powering on an AMT machine via OOB

Busy times here in Breda, very busy with some nice Configuration Manager 2012 projects, the MVP summit, spend a lot of time preparing my session at Experts Live and we are in the final phases of the editing process of the book Mastering System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager. So unfortunately short of blogging time 🙁 But nevertheless time for a quick tip anyway. I am currently at a customer in the process of migrating their Configuration Manager 2007 environment to Configuration Manager 2012 R2. One of the things that needs to be migrated is the Out Of Band Management of the workstations via Configuration Manager and the workstations that are AMT provisioned.

The process of migrating the AMT provisioned workstations is fairly simple, disable automatic provisioning in Configuration Manager 2007, remove the AMT provisioned data from the workstation in Configuration Manager 2007, install the Configuration Manager client and provision the AMT enabled workstation.

While testing after provisioning a computer, I came across an error while I was trying to remotely power on or power off a workstation.

Below you find a snippet of the amtopmgr.log which you can find in the Configuration Manager log path. (%SMS_LOG_PATH%)

ERROR: Invoke(invoke) failed: 80020009argNum = 0
Description: The WinRM client received an unknown HTTP status code from the remote WS-Management service.
Error: Failed to Invoke CIM_BootConfigSetting::ChangeBootOrder_INPUT action.
AMT Operation Worker: AMT machine can’t be waken up. Error code: 0x8033810F
General Worker Thread Pool: Warning, Failed to run task this time. Will retry(1) it
AMT Operation Worker: Wakes up to process instruction files
AMT Operation Worker: Send task to completion port
AMT Operation Worker: 1 task(s) are sent to the task pool successfully.
AMT Operation Worker: There are 1 tasks in pending list
AMT Operation Worker: Wait 20 seconds…
Flag iWSManFlagSkipRevocationCheck is set.
session params :   ,  2011001
AMT Operation Worker: Wakes up to process instruction files
AMT Operation Worker: There are 1 tasks in pending list

After retrying a couple of times powering on the computer will fail. When browsing from the primary site server (with the Out of Band service point) to the logon page will be shown. So basically the communication between the primary site server looks fine. But nothing is like it is. 😉

Because of the fact that all the internet traffic is going through a proxy server a WinHTTP proxy server was configured via NetSH, this way the operating system is able to for instance check the CRL on the Internet. Enabling the WinHTTP proxy enabled also the rerouting the traffic for the  through this WinHTTP proxy. In my case I was able to disable the WinHTTP proxy and allowing the server directly to the internet via a firewall rule but if you are not allowed to do this you can also configure a WinHTTP bypass list for the domain you need to contact the AMT enabled devices.

Adding a bypass list can be done from an Administrator Command Prompt as follows:

  1. C:>netsh.exe
  2. netsh>winhttp
  3. netsh winhttp>set  proxy proxy-server=”″ bypass-list=”*”

After enabling the bypass you are able to manage your AMT device and for instance power it on.

Hope this helps, till next time! Expect more blogs after the editing process of the book is finished, I have some nice subjects on the todo list 😉



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