My top 10 new features of ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 – part 1

sccm2012-logoWith the upcoming release of Service Pack 1 for Configuration Manager 2012 lots of really cool new features come available to us. I would like to dedicate the next blogs to my top 10 new features in Configuration Manager 2012. Kicking off in part 1 about a new enhancements while deploying a Task Sequence.

When deploying a Task Sequence you have the option to choose if a Task Sequence is available to Configuration Manager Clients and whether it is available to run if you deploy an operating system when using boot media, prestaged media or PXE. By using this option you are able to manage the deployment of Operating Systems better.

New OSD Deployment Options
New OSD Deployment Options

Only Configuration Manager Client
The deployment will only be started from an existing Operating System with a Configuration Manager Client. Very handy if you want to refresh a workstation without the possibility that a workstation will unintentionally boot into PXE.

Task Sequence availability
Task Sequence availability

Configuration Manager clients, media and PXE
The old fashion way 😉 The Task Sequence is available for all OS Deployment methods and supports all deployment scenarios, like the New Computer Scenario, Refresh Computer Scenario and Replace Computer Scenario.

Only media and PXE
Only media and PXE only supports deploying an Operating System from the Windows PE environment. When using this option you definitely using the New Computer Scenario (Bare metal) via PXE or a boot DVD. 🙂

Only media end PXE (hidden)
When provisioning Windows 8 To Go and using prestaged media you need to be sure to select this availability option. More on this in a later blog about how we can provision Windows To Go with Configuration Manager 2012.

Managing metered connections
Managing metered connections

When choosing a deployment purpose to be required you are able to manage if clients on a metered Internet connection are able to download the content or not after an installation deadline has been reached. Be aware for extra (mobile data) costs when enabling this option in combination with the availability for Configuration Manager clients.

Managing Operating System deployments has been become much better and the time of unintentionally reinstalled operating systems is become history, yeah you still need to know what you are doing 😉

Next blog in my top 10 new Service Pack 1 features blog series will be about Software Update deployment enhancements, so stay tuned.

Happy holidays and merry Christmas to all of you!



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