Configuration Manager 2012: The recent alerts view

In an earlier blog I already wrote about the great new alerting feature in Configuration Manager 2012. Today I want to point out two options that you can use when browsing to the Recent Alerts view in for example the Overview screen of the Assets and Compliance workspace of the Configuration Manager console. You are able to quickly configure the definition of the alert or postpone the alert for an hour.

When you go to the Overview screen of any workspace and you see alerts in the Recent Alerts section you are able access some shortcuts. With these shortcuts you are able to postpone the monitoring of an alert, or able to configure the definition of the alert that is active, like shown below.

Postpone or configure definition
Postponing an alert from the Recent Alerts view will postpone the alert for an hour without any comment. When browsing to the alert and selecting the Postpone option from the ribbon allows you to postpone the alert until a  configured time and date. After the configured time and date the alert will be reactivated, you are also able to supply a comment using the “normal” postpone action.
Postpone an alert

 Looking at the postponed alert shows you information about the alert itself but also about the postponed alert date and time. You are only able to postpone an alert when it is active.

Postponed alert

 When being in the alerts view, you are also able to configure the alert definition in one click, by clicking on the Configure Definition link. This allows you to alter the definition values of the alert.

Configure definition


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